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2. the pig tf

1. You Are What You Wish

the pig tf

on 2004-05-07 23:59:46

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jon was reading a book about magical rocks at the school lybrary when suddenly karayn came up to him.hi said jon hi, said karayn ,how are you said jon,fine listen said karayn may i borrow the magic stone please?jon imitiatly gave a firm "no".why? said karayn,karayn have you lost your mind? you do know where talking about a powerfull rock that has powers unknown to mortals!!! besides why do you whant to you what to use it for?,come on jon you know i never get the chance to use it,at this comment jon tought "maby she will be more risponsible with my grandfather's rock this time than last time".so he said ok karayn i guss youll be ok with the rock but i will get it back at 5:00pm k?,i will be risposible dude she said.son she left the labrary for it was late friday and was walk home feeling the warth of the rock,30 mns later she reached home her parent where about to leve and expected karayn and her litte sister and cousin(who was vistiting)to be good girls while her perants and her aunt where at the restaraunt,they gave karayn the phone number to the restaurant and gave good-bye kissis and left.soon her sister katey and her cousin julie where running around the 3 storie house like mad kate whent to her room upstairs and did her homework,60 mns latter she pulled the rock out she examind it closely.but no sooner than latter her cousin and sister burst in the room,jumping up&down; they booth yelld:WHATS THAT PRRETY ROCKIE?!?!,its none of your bussines you itiots said katarayn.soon they stoped jumping and julie said your mean and soon katie grapped the rock(fot it was near her)and said loudly:I WISH YOU WHERE A PIG RIGHT NOW!!.immityatlly karayn was ghanging and in second there was a sow with a t-shirt and short jeans pratically ripping apart.then booth sister and cousin run-faster than the speed of light out to there own room.


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