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2. Heroes

1. The Drafting Board

Heroes needed

on 2018-03-12 21:43:55
Episode last modified by vodimir on 2018-04-22 10:04:12

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(originally a story on under the name of Kingdom of Dar. Reposted here with permission of authors.)
By Bolgerjc

King Emeril has summoned some of the kingdom's greatest heroes to combat the dark forces that infest the land. He offers the reward of money and perhaps the hand in marriage of one of his children to anyone who proves worthy. King Emeril's rule has been long, prosperous, but his enemies are many.

The North holds the fearsome barbarian hordes who are being gathered by some unseen force. To the east lie the dread swamps where rumors of dark rituals and great evils being preformed have reached the ears of the King. Far to the west resides the wizard Dreze who has grown land hungry and even now his forces are heading towards the Kingdom of Dar. While in the south unspeakable abominations have been spotted by those few who have escaped them. Many dangers will cross your path to fight these and other evils but will you come away unscathed? Assuming of course you come back at all. I wish you good luck and fortune on your journey.

Who are you to risk all hero?

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