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2. A Human Anomaly

1. The Drafting Board

A Human Anomaly

on 2019-06-12 17:21:56

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William West is a twenty-four year old male living in a small, one bedroom apartment. Will has no knowledge of his actual family. In fact, the first thing he can remember is waking up in a dark alley roughly four years ago. Will's life is a cosmic anomaly. He was never supposed to exist and his mere existence threatens the stability of time itself. Unfortunately for Will, reality has tools in place to correct these types of anomalies.

Spending time around similar groups of people causes him to slowly change in mind and body to fit in with them. Because of this, Will spends as much time as possible alone in his apartment. As he walks around town, he can feel reality slowly try to incorporate him wherever it can manage. Passing groups of teenagers makes him feel slightly younger. Waiting in line at the local grocery store makes him feel slightly older. For a few months, he tried to earn a degree at a local university but he stopped when he realized that his mind could be influenced by eating his lunch too close to student protesters.

Will's existence is also affected by the desires and needs of others. When his friend Jack asked Will to help him move, Will felt his muscles slightly grow. During a particularly odd day, Will found himself walking past a funeral when he sensed himself slowly changing into the form of the dead man whose face was plastered on the cemetery gate. The stronger a person's need, the quicker Will tends to change.

Reality's strongest but rarest method of erasing him seems to be caused by Will making physical contact with other people. Normal touching is fine, but faster collisions with other people can cause Will to joint existences with that person. Sometimes this means taking over their jobs and relationships. In extreme cases, Will’s body can be completely replaced by theirs.

Fortunately, whatever caused Will's existence also gave him the ability to resist reality's attempts to erase him. Will can't consciously choose how his body and mind change but focusing on the thought of his original life has always allowed him to revert himself back to normal self. However, the more extreme the change, the more difficult it is for Will to change back.

Things aren't all bad for Will though. Maintaining a varied routine has allowed him to spend most of the past four years in his regular form. He doesn’t spend more than a few hours with any one of his friends at a time and he makes most of his money performing odd jobs online. If he can help it, he never does the same type of job back to back and he always takes different routes when he travels around town.

Will isn’t against the idea of being changed. Sometimes changes are beneficial to him and the people he loves. However, not all changes are pleasurable and the thought of having his mind and body completely erased caused Will to have literal nightmares. He does his best to resist even the most tempting changes because even the smallest change can lead to the elimination of everything that makes Will unique.

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