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2. Karyn finds out more about her

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn's new life

on 2019-06-09 17:19:18

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Karyn's evening had been weird to say the least.

Her breasts and hair weren't the only changes her wish had caused. The stone made it so that it had always been this way, meaning she had to get the genes from one of her parents.

Seeing her father's hair being the same blond as hers now when she got back home had been a shock. It was even styled a little differently, a little longer while still not seeming out of place on a man, Karyn even had to admit it looked good, as strange as it seemed to her.

Since then, she tried to look for everything different in this new reality. The photos of her and her family were changed to match, and she discovered her aunt and grandmother now had the same hair color. New products were added to the bathroom to take care of her hair and as she showered, she somehow knew how to use them without thinking, as if it was a habit she had had for years. The dinner was very awkward too as she stared a little too much at her mother's newly enhanced chest which had gone from a large B-cup to a large D-cup, just an little smaller than hers.

Finally, her room had changed quite a bit too. While her closet still contained most of her tomboyish clothes, resized in the chest area for obvious reasons, she now also had a lot more girly clothes, at least what she considered girly. She normally never wore skirts or dresses except for formal occasion, but she now had a lot of them, most of them thankfully rather modest, but she also saw a few miniskirts and shorts that were way too short for her liking. All her top seemed to be made to show of her chest, even those she owned before the wish, but she guessed that with breasts her size, it would be hard to not draw attention to them. She also had new underwear but nothing too shocking, some thongs were added but she still mostly had panties, same with her bras, while they fit her new chest, they were only a few push-up bras and most of the other were the same style she had before.

The rest of her room seemed to have had the same kind of change. She still recognized everything but everything seemed a little more feminine, anyone could tell this room belonged to a girl, when there could have been a doubt before.

Karyn was currently looking at her new self, naked in a mirror that she now had in her room. While she still found her breasts too big, she could only admit they looked great. She had wished for them so even if she didn't want to admit it, she was conscious that a part of her desired to have big boobs and liked it.

"What am I gonna do?" She asked herself.

She was pretty sure she could find a loophole in her wish if she wanted... but did she?

Her musings were interrupted when her phone began to ring. She hoped it wasn't someone she only knew in this reality, she had already seen that some new contacts had appeared on her phone after the wish, the more troubling being Sarah Mcmillan with whom she had apparently shared a few phone calls these past few months.

She looked a little warily on her phone at who called her, it was...

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