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2. A Taste Of Music (Reboot!)

1. You Are What You Wish

A Taste Of Music (Reboot!)

avatar on 2019-06-06 15:27:48
Episode last modified by Mr. C on 2019-09-11 18:46:33

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A few hours had passed since Jon got home. It was almost 9 PM, he'd eaten dinner, and lived his life normally. Now he was alone, sitting on his bed in his room thinking. He gives a sigh, the cheap headset on his head playing some classic rock music, before the song ends and switches to some video game theme. What to wish for? He could do anything he wanted! But he had to be careful, what he if he mis-words a wish and screws reality as we know it? He continues to think, the songs switching. This time to some Michael Jackson. Getting up, he locks his door and takes the stone from his backpack, now having several ideas, but he decides to sit down at his desk. Taking out a pencil and some paper, he sets the the stone to the side, keeping it in his sight. The song changes once more, this time to ACDC. He begins to write his ideas down, if the wording seams a bit odd or not specific enough, he re-writes it. Before finally getting down to three wishes he can make into one!

He writes three sentences down on a separate sheet of paper, before reading it over a few times. Perfect! He crumples up the other sheet of paper, before touching the stone. "I wish the piece of paper I just crumpled up will crumble into a pile dust." The stone flashes a bright blue color, before a little pile of dust sits on the desk where the paper was. Couldn't have Karyn finding out about this and reading this paper! He pushes the dust from his desk, and takes a breath, and takes off his headset. "I wish that I had a notebook with infinite pages, and whatever is written in it only I can see." The stone flashes, as he watches as a rectangular box of bright blue light forms on his desk. As the light fades, he see's a simple black Composition Notebook sits in front of him! Picking it up, he flips through the pages with a smile, as the pages never end! It could only be explained by magic, as Jon still could barely believe his eyes. He gives another breath. "I wish that whatever I and only I write the name of a music genre in this notebook, every female in the stone's vicinity will become a stereotype of a person who would listen to said music." The stone flashes, as nothing seams to change. "I wish that my last wish can only be activated, if I write the name of the music genre with a number 2 pencil, and if I erase the name of the genre everything will return to normal!" The stone flashes once more, as again, nothing seams to happen. 'Ok, that should work. But just in case...' Jon thinks to himself. "I wish that if I say the words 'Time Reset To Tomorrow' that time will reset to this exact moment, however I will keep all memories from the time before the reset." The stone flashes, as Jon stands up and walks across his room. "Time Rest To Tomorrow." He says, and blinks.

Upon opening his eyes, he finds he is sitting at his desk again! The stone still in hand, as it flashes. The wish worked! He made this, just in case there was a flaw in his other three wishes, as an emergency back out plan. But now was the real question, what was he going to do first? Country? Pop? Maybe an 80's tune? So many decisions! He calms down, before picking up his only number 2 pencil. With a look of confidence, he begins to write.

(This was made by Diskeye6! I read the chapters he made and decide to remaster it in my own way, and add a bit more context to it! I already had 'remastered' it, so this is an updated version of that, and I just deleted the old one! I have a few different branches I am looking forward to working on now, so look forward to various chapters on my older and more recent ideas! )

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