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6. Not just anyone, Linda was ...

5. Another Cheerleader is needed

4. Becky talks to her Uncle about

3. Niece Becky

2. James has a complicated life

1. Altered Fates

Not just anyone, Linda was ....

on 2007-07-08 04:24:38

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"In for a penny, in for pound.", Becky figured after giving Trish shopping instructions that didn't make any sense to her. Trish agreed to do it, but she was really confused over why the new girl didn't already have her own things.

"I'm pretty sure I can talk Uncle James into this as long as I make it seem like no big deal. Yeah right! All you have to do is be a girl for a week, like that will work! No no, say squad! Yeah, all you have to do is be on our squad for a week. He played football, ... team, ... teammate. "

"Please Uncle James, we're desperate!" Becky practiced. Hmmm, I needle to put more of a wheedling sound in my voice. "It's only for a week. It's a team effort, we can't do it without you. We have to have a ... fl... another teammate." Becky stumbled. "Get a grip girl! Another teammate, teammate, teammate. For god sake, don't say FLYER!"

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