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1. You Are What You Wish

Girls of Cloud 9: a new Leonard takes Shape

on 2016-07-17 19:51:14

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Ronald stood, stalking over to where the voluptuous figure of Leonard stood at the sink. He's coming along so nicely, he thought, studying just how curvaceous the once quite large boy had become. Oddly, his hair had remained fairly short, styling itself into only a slightly more feminine cut as before. He briefly wondered if he should pay attention to fix that, but his curiosity as to why it had not changed yet won out.

"Need any help?" Ronald asked, when he arrived at the sink.

Leonard swung around, his impressive bust swaying as he did. Ronald could see that his assets looked a little more contained now, more neatly shaped, but suspected that was less a physical change and more the boy developing a bra under his shirt. Leonard's face, cute and feminine behind his glasses, blushed a little when he saw who had asked. "No, I think I have everything cleaned up," he assured. Even as he spoke in that high, lovely voice, his features were changing further. Gaining subtle hints of makeup on his cheeks, lips, and eyes. His glasses shifting to a more feminine shape that complimented his face wonderfully.

"Alright," said Ronald. He thought to leave, then noticed Leonard's backpack was resting on the floor beside his feet. With a sudden intuition, he stepped by changing boy, as if walking for the door, only to "accidentally" knock over the pack.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" he said, dropping down as if to help collect the spilled contents of the bag. The emptied items were not exactly what he had expected- a piece of painted foam shaped like an armored breastplate, a halloween makeup kit, several pieces of bright cloth.

Leonard crouched to pick up his scattered possessions as well, offering a nice view of his new cleavage as the hem of his shirt dropped away. "Don't worry about it!" he said, hastily. He was blushing bright red now.

Ronald gathered up the other items and handed them to Leonard, who hastily put them back in his purse- It was a purse now, Ronald realized. I big purse, but still a purse. "So... what was all that?" Ronald asked.

Leonard offered a sheepish smile, as his hair shifted, growing just a little into a cute pixie cut. "It's, uh... cosplay stuff." He admitted. "It's.. sort of a hobby of mine."

"Cosplay?" Ronald asked.

"You know, dressing up like characters from movies or video games for conventions and stuff," Leonard said. His shirt had shifted to a bright pink cover, with the words '+10 Orbs of Distraction' written along the sizable bust. "It's... sort of a hobby of mine."

"Really? That sounds cool," said Ronald.

Leonard's eyes widened. Clearly he had not expected Ronald to react that way. "Really?" he said, as he stood and pulled his purse over his shoulder. "Would... would you like me to show you some I've done?"

Ronald smiled wide. "Certainly," he said. This was such a nice turn to Leonard's changes. He was starting to get a sense why Leonard's hair had remained short.

With a wide, gratified smile, Leonard pulled out his phone, clicking through it with a brightly painted nail before holding it over for Ronald to see. "Alright, check these out."

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