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3. A Wakeup Call

2. A Horrible Mistake...(Reboot)

1. You Are What You Wish


avatar on 2019-05-10 18:48:37

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Everything went dark, and Jon felt a cold numbness he couldn't place.
"What the hell..." he said silently, quickly realising he'd only heard his voice inside his head.
He tried to feel his surroundings, unable to move, only to be greeted by the coldness that seemed to be everywhere.
The panic started to mount, "Am I dead? Did that dumb wish kill me? Is it a coma? Wh-"


"ARGH" Jon screamed in his mind, the sounds of his surroundings dropping in to his ears.
"Well I'm not dead then but"

"The readout is showing brain activity" Jon heard a female voice say, "The audio sensors are functional, proceed with connection of audio output"

He heard a few footsteps move to his left, then the clacking of a keyboard, and the female voice speaking up again.
"This may hurt a bit. Five, Four, Three-" Clack

The sound of the keypress echoed in his mind, but was promptly overshadowed by the searing pain he felt from his throat.

"aaauuuhh" a feminine moan rang out into the room. He heard the voice gasping for breath, along with himself in his mind, though he couldn't feel himself breathing.

"It's okay, try to relax." he heard the female voice again.

"What the-" he began, stopping after hearing the feminine voice again. "Is that my sister's voice?"

"Just try to relax, we just have two more systems to initialise, then you're free to go."
The clacking of the keyboard echoed once again.
"These two will come on almost simultaneously, and I won't lie, it will hurt."

"Wait wha-" Jon began, before a blinding flash and the flicker of some green seven segment numbers.
"What's going on AAAUGHHH" he screamed as an intense searing pain washed over his whole body before blacking out.

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