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4. Trading Faces

3. Role reversal

2. Another mom episode.

1. You Are What You Wish

Role Reversal - Home Edition

on 2004-04-19 23:43:14

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... Jon nearly fell to the floor, barely grabbing on to the counter for support. He was very confused as the bright flash subsided.

One minute Jon was sitting in his desk at school, and the next minute he was standing on his tiptoes in the kitchen. Jon started to open his eyes, but was very concerned as to why he could not get his feet flat on the floor; it was as if there was something under his heel that kept it up about three inches from the floor.

He took a step and heard the same clicking sound of high heels on the linoleum that he had heard his mother make before he left for school in such a hurry. He looked around and did not see his mother, but instead got a taste of her hair in his face.

With that all of the sensations hit him, he was not Jon, but he was now Jane!

He was wearing her typical work suit, a navy skirt, white blouse, navy blazer, tan pantyhose, and a pair of three inch high heeled shoes. He could even feel the bra and panties as they were a foreign material to his bodily senses. To make it worse, he had her endowments to fill the clothing, not that Jane was nearly as big as Karyn, but it was more than Jon was supposed to have. He could even taste some waxy substance on his lips and knew that it was her lipstick. A quick look in the mirror confirmed that he was defiantly Jane, not Jon.

Looking around for answers, he spotted the rock laying on the counter that he had grabbed when he was falling before, his mother had made a wish somehow and he was now her, but why?

And what was he supposed to do now? As his head reeled with all of these thoughts, he was quickly snapped out of all of his confusion by the sound of

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