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2. Dirty Dice

1. You Are What You Wish

Dirty Dice

avatar on 2004-03-11 09:05:06

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Then next day after school, Karyn and I rushed to my room to talk about the rock.

"I made a list during school of some of the things we could do with the rock," Karyn told me as she rummaged through her purse. "Give me a second." Karyn, finally giving up, dumped her purse onto the desk.

I noticed a couple of pink cubes rattling across the table, so I picked them up. "Dirty Dice?"

Karyn blushed. "I forgot I had those..."

"Wanna play with them?" I asked her and smirked. I picked up the rock. "Say 'yes,' and I'll make sure neither of us can chicken out."

Karyn smiled shyly and took the dice from me. After she looked at them a bit, she nodded. "I think this could be a lot of fun."

I held the rock and said, "I wish that if one of us rolls these dice, then we have to do what the dice say to the other person."

She rolled the dice first.


Karyn smoothly leaned over and licked my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I smiled and rolled the dice.


I enjoyed reaching down and gently squeezing her recently-enhanced breast very much. I took my time about it, enjoying the firmness, until she re-rolled the dice.


Karyn leaned forward again and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. I was really loving this. Still kissing her in return, I picked up the dice and dropped them on the desk.


I impulsively broke the kiss and began lightly sucking on her neck. Karyn moaned lightly and picked up the dice. She stood up, pulling me up with her and stood by the bed. She put her arms around me and dropped the dice on the floor to caress my back. I started feeling tingly all over as the clattered across the hard wood. I stopped kissing her neck as she started kissing the top of my chest. I couldn't believe how sensitive I was! Her lips moved farther down my chest towards my nipple, and it felt so good I couldn't pay attention to what she was doing, I just reveled in the sensation. At least until she kissed my nipple.

Shivers ran through my body, and I shifted a little. I didn't understand why my chest jiggled. Karyn giggled, and directed my attention to the dice on the floor.


I looked down at myself. I had breasts! Apparently, in order for her to kiss my breast, I had to have them!

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