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19. Chemistry Class

18. Sarah and Biff

17. A Briefing

16. Passing Period

15. Makeup Tips with Ted

14. Class time.

13. A Higher Level?

12. Reach out and touch somebody

11. It's rude to interrupt.

10. Clearing Up

9. Morning, Pop!

8. Controlling: Stupid Robe

7. Disrobed

6. Mom

5. Controlling

4. Controlling

3. Jon's Not Feeling Too Good

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Controlling: Chemistry Class

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Jon got to his next class, removing the command to ignore him just before he entered the room. He took his seat and began forming ideas on what to do to this class.

Thinking back, he was glad that this class assigned seats randomly at the start of the semester. A lot of other classes took seat assignments from the start of the year and kept it all the way through to summer. As a result, for the next few months he would be sat next to Amber Levine, one of the cheerleaders. Thankfully, she was considered by a lot of people to be the nicest of them.

"Hi... Jon right?." Amber said, sitting down next to him.

"Hey Amber. Yeah, that's me." Jon replied. He took a quick peek into Amber's mind, noting that she didn't mean anything by it, she was just making sure she had gotten his name right.

"Alright class, let's get right to it today." The teacher, Mrs Greene, said, clapping her hands to get everyone's attention. Jon noticed that she had a large plexiglass screen on the front of her desk along with a few containers. He then noticed that she'd gotten another screen fixed to the ceiling. "Today we're going to be looking at some more... visually stimulating chemical reactions. You've no doubt noticed the screen on my desk?"

Everyone nodded.

"Due to the size of some reactions, I'll be performing them from behind this screen and then we'll look into the processes involved..."

Jon watched and took notes as Mrs Greene continued the lesson. The first reaction she had shown off resulted in a large jet of sparks flying up, high enough to hit that screen on the ceiling. Regardless, it was a good 15 minutes before he came up with an idea on how to make things interesting.

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