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2. Power unlimited: revenge

1. You Are What You Wish

The power: the revenge

on 2019-04-26 03:44:38

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That evening Jon sat alone on his bed. Playing with the stone. He now had so much power he could do whatever he wanted. With anyone.

Jon never was very popular in school, you could even say he was bullied. Most often he was bullied by the football players and the cheerleaders. They also picked on Karyn. But now, now he had the ultimate power to never get bullied again. Contemplating on a wish to take his revenge he wrote down his wish. Just to make sure he worded it right:

"I wish that I have the power to transform anyone or anything in whatever way I want just by thinking it. I will have the ability to change reality if I choose so. I will also have the ability to change peoples minds if I see fit."

He double checked it and was happy with his wish. He now grabbed the stone and read the wish out loud. The stone flashed and he could feel power surging into himself. He could feel his new power in his veins. "I should test this on myself". He said to no one.

Jon thought about himself and then pictured himself to be very muscular and 6 foot 4. As soon as he thought it he felt himself grow and stretching his shirt tight around his now huge frame. "Wow! I'm huge! No one will fuck with me now!" Jon said laughing.

He now thought about some new clothes and instantly he was dressed in a fitting shirt and shorts. It was still not very late so he went outside to see what he could do.

Once outside he made his way to the park. There he saw one of the cheerleaders, Heather, jogging in her tight shorts and shirt. What a sight: her long slim legs sweaty, her breasts bouncing in her sports-bra. He thought about her without her bra. And poof! Her breasts were now flopping all over the place. Heather was immediately out of balance and stumbled while holding her breasts. She sat down on the grass and looked down her shirt to her bare breasts. "What the fuck?" Jon could hear her say. Jon soon had a new idea as Heather was checking if no one saw her.

As Jon wanted to experiment the other changes he could make he wanted to see how much control he had. He remembered Heather saying to him that he should go fuck himself. So he thought of her growing incredibly horny over the next 5 minutes and she would stay horny forever only finding relieve if she fucked herself with a suction dildo (He changed some of Heathers clothes at home to various suction dildo's so she could play when she was home). Heather was still sitting down on the grass. He could see her sweating again and her breath picking up. One of her hands started brushing one of her breasts over her shirt. Circling her nipple. Then she stood up and while holding her breasts started walking home. She had to find relief. Somehow she knew now that she had to do it in a certain way. She had to get home. But Jon decided he could have some more fun with her.

He stopped her and walked up to her. "Hey Heather, remember me?" He said.

"Y, y, yes, you are in a few classes with me I think. You look different. Like an older brother of this nerd. Jon I think his name is. But I have no time to talk. I have to get home."

"No you don't. You once said I should fuck myself. So I made it so that you are now so horny you will have to fuck yourself to get off."

"You what?! You are crazy! You can't make people do things. Fuck off! She said as she tried to walk away from Jon but found she could not move. "What the fuck?"

Jon explained to her that he got powers to change people any way he wanted. "Let me demonstrate it to you."

"You will strip naked and show your naked body to me".

Heather immediately started taking off her shirt and her big D-cup breasts bounced free. "What the hell! Stop this!" She said as she started taking off her shorts revealing her pink thong. Next she pulled down her thong and revealed her shaven pussy.
"You asshole, you perv you..." She said but Jon interrupted her: "If you have something to say make it something nice".
"Hmmm want to see my body you hunk?" Want me to show you how hot I am?" Heather could not believe her ears as she said it. This wasn't what she wanted to say. Her face turned red and she could not help but pose for Jon.

She found herself standing in front of Jon bending towards him while pressing her arms against her breasts creating a big cleavage.

"That is lovely, you look great! Now get on your hands and knees and put your ass in the air for me. You are now so horny your pussy will be drooling. "Hmmm yes, I like that, fuck me Jon. Use me please" she heard herself say as she felt her juices dribbling down.

As she moved in position she could feel her nipples touch the grass while they dangled down on her body.

The cool air hitting her wet pussy felt nice.

"So, I made it so that you can only cum if you use a suction dildo. But for the next two hours you will be a public sex toy. Anyone who feels like it will use you and you will cum when your user cums. You will not be able to move other then move along with your user while being in this position. Doggy style bitch."

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