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2. Mistakes

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon hides the magic stone but his mother finds the stone

on 2004-01-30 16:24:18

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As soon as Jon got home he carefully hid the rock in the loose panel on the side of his bed. He figured it was the one place his mom might not look. Every since his grandfather's "death" his mother seemed extremely concerned that he might get depressed and do something stupid so she began snooping. It was nice that his' Mother worried about him but sometimes her concern was hard to live with.

Jon was much like nearly every other teenage boy. He could (and often did) eat anything (and everything) that crossed his plate, seemed to be nothing but big feet and all thumbs, spent most of his free time thinking about girls, and was generally totally unaware of the problems that this caused.

This isn't to say that Jon was a bad boy. It was just that he was a boy.

Saturday was chore day around the house. Jon's only chore was to mow the yard. He and his mom had reached the point where he no longer gripped about that job and she no longer tried to get him to do more chores around the house.

Jon's mother, Jane Jennings, was a widow, Jon's father had died when Jon was quite young. Jane had done an excellent job of raising Jon without male influence.

As with most days, Jane rose before her son and began her day. She had over an hour's worth of chores done by the time Jon came downstairs for breakfast.

Jon, thinking that he would help his mom, made his own breakfast, before heading out to beginning mowing the yard.

Jane came upstairs after Jon had headed outside to see the mess that had a short time before been a clean kitchen. "I have no idea how that boy can cause so much destruction in such a short time." She said with a sigh. She then set about cleaning up the kitchen, putting away the food Jon had used, washing his dishes, sweeping and re-mopping the floor around the table and kitchen counters, and replaced the now dirty dish towels and dish rag.

That task done, Jane returned to the laundry to take a load from the dryer, load the dryer and washer, and fold the clothes. As Jane headed upstairs to put the clothes away. She noticed that Jon had finished mowing the yard. There was a trail of grass clipping from the garage door, across the clean floor, and up the stairs to Jon's room.

Accepting that there was nothing that she could do about this, Jane headed upstairs. In Jon's room, she saw that he had tossed his dirty clothes upon a pile of clean clothes she had laid upon his bed for him to put away, knocking everything onto the floor.

As she bent over to pick up the clothes, she accidentally bumped the loose panel on the side of Jon's bed, opening his secret hide-away. Jane knew about this spot and knew that he kept a couple of 'dirty magazines' there. She didn't like that fact, but didn't know how to handle the situation.

Jane bumping the panel caused it to spring open and dump Jon's stash of 'dirty magazines' and his magic rock onto the floor.

Jane looked at the magazine with discuss. "Why do boys like stuff like that." She said to herself as she picked up the magazines noticing that the women on the covers were thin waisted big bottomed and had huge breasts. "I hope Jon doesn't think that is what a girl should look like." She added picking up the last magazine she saw and replacing the loose panel.

That done, she re-sorted Jon's clean clothes from his dirty, adding a couple pieces of previously clean clothes to the dirty pile and headed out of the room.

She passed Jon in the hall as he was headed out his room. "Jon?" She asked, "Are you taking anyone to the prom?"

"Proms are dumb." Jon said, rather than admit that he didn't have a date.

"You could take Karyn."

"Nah." Jon said. "Only dweebs go to proms. I'll be back later. Bye Mom." Jon finished before he raced out of the house, the door slamming behind him.

About a half hour later Jane went into Jon's bedroom to put away the last of Jon's clean clothes.

As Jane walked into Jon's room, she stepped upon Jon's rock.

"Ouch." she said. Jane then bent and picked up the rock. "I wonder why Jon is keeping this rock?" She said to herself. She then noticed one of Jon's magazines that she had missed picking up before.

Dumping the dirty clothes onto the floor Jane picked up the magazine. "I wish ."

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