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2. 6 months later

1. You Are What You Wish

shallow karen

on 2003-11-08 19:57:16

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6 months later and jon hadnt made another wish, he was too scared to do so, right now he was staring at karen on the other side of the class room surrounded by boys, he thought that karen wouldnt change after her new "assets" but then he also didnt think the boys would care, the next day karen was surrounded by boys, and her philsophy of "anti-cool" whent out of the window, along with her grades as she joined the airheads,

"hey jon"
a hand scrubbed though his hair, he looked up to see that it was lucy, she was 12, he was 18 but she was also his only friend, she was chunky and had glasses, but she carried herself so well she looked fine,

"whats the matter" she said as she followed jons eyeline, "oh dont worry about her" she said comfortly, "i mean after a growth spurt and a bottle of bleach she thinks shes gods gift to men"

jon chuckled "yeah i guess so, she was my best friend but after..." he considered confiding in her all that happend with the rock, but could he trust her? would she go power mad like karen? he opened his mouth to talk but saw that lucy had gone off with her friends, "thats right" he thought, "lucy has friends her own age... i wish i could be friends with her all the time" as he said that his mind drifted back to the rock

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