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2. Golden Girl

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's Golden Girl (literally!)

on 2003-10-23 19:23:34

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once Jon got home, he called Karen on the phone. "hey Karen, it's me, Jon. i was thinking about our relationship, and it's kinda dull. Sometimes i wish you were my Golden Girl." instantly, Jon remembered he had the stone in his hand.


"-were my Golden Girl" Karen looked down at her enormous boobs. "how am i going to sleep with these?" she thought. Then, she couldnt move at all. Her body took on a yellowish hue. She was shiny, too. then it hit her. Jon accidentally wished her a Golden Girl. Jon came rushing to her house. There she was, on her bed, a golden statue.

Jon chuckled. Karen was observing her new "curves". Jon thought to keep her kie this, since he loved gold statues, but got a better idea. "i wish Karen could move and talk and do anything else like a human, but she looked and fel human to anyone except me and her." Jon felt the stone warm up. Karen looked up, able to move again. "You little..." karen said as she lunged at him.

"i wish every time i said 'Midas' Karen would turn into a Gold statue again, but still able to think and see, and we had an unbreakable telepathic link, and every time i say 'Karen', she will turn back to her previous form."said Jon. the stone warmed up, and Karen was closing in. "Midas" Jon said. Karen turned back into a statue. "now, you won't pick on me, Karen" Karen turned back to her gold/human self. "okay, okay, well, i think i look pretty cool, actually."

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