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2. Can't Sleep

1. You Are What You Wish

T.V. Ideas

on 2003-04-13 09:11:43

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I tried sleep, but it never came. All I could think about was the stone, how I could make wishes while staying safe. It was my top priority after seeing what happened to Karyn.

The first thing I wanted to try was changing my body while staying safe, no ideas came. I decided to see what was on the tube. Because it was so late most channels where infomercials, until I turned to Disney Channel. It was a show called THE JERESY. I had heard about it before, it is about a magical jersy that had the ability to transport people to other bodies, normally athletes.

Just then, Idea. Right away I statred thinking about how I could turn that into a wish. It then came to me. I grabbed my sweatshirt that had the Gecko Hawaii label on it. Then I got the stone and said, "I wish this sweatshirt had the same powers as the jeresy on the television." I saw a blinding falsh signifying the wish had been granted.

I looked on T.V. for someone I could jump, meaning go into their body. I found a live reporter on in a gym telling an biograph about a heavly muscled man named Greg Monty. In the shot he was surounded my beautiful women. It was in the east coast so it was still light out. The moment the interview was over I put on my sweatshirt and felt myself leave my room...

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