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1. You Are What You Wish

Why be moral?

on 2003-04-01 22:36:04

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That night Jon made a choice.

Why should he be carefull? He had power and he should use it! He could literaly become a supreme being! He could reshape the whole world into his image!

As these thoughts entered his mind Jon immediatly jumped out of bed and grab the wishing stone and began wishing. But he realized that it would take several wishes.

"I wish for eternal youth. I wish I was immortal. I wish I could break all the laws of science, physics, and biology at will." And with that, Jon felt power flow into his veins.

Jon had only one thing left to do, and with a mere thought he turned the wishing stone into dust. No sense leaving it around for someone else to find, now that he no longer needed it.

Then a thought occured to Jon, Karyn was the only other person who knew about the stone. But now I had to make sure that no one ever knew about the stone.

But since Karyn was my friend I could never kill her. I would have to...

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