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2. Switching Stone

1. The Drafting Board

Switching Stone

on 2019-04-10 23:23:13

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(Out of story note: This story was originally on and is no longer available there due to how the website handles inactive authors (If story author is inactive, it will delete it along with all of the sub chapters without warning). This is an archived version of the original contributions with some variations including: Grammar corrections, formatting changes, mergers of shorter chapters, elimination of "choice chapters", and elimination of some chapters with little content. This was done at my discretion, so opinions can vary on the editing I have done, so please give feedback)

Story Synopsis:

While walking home weightlifting, you pick up a stone that seems to glitter. Little do you know that it can allow it's user to switch into the body of whoever they think of being. The stone will travel to the body that it's user inhabits. However, anyone who picks it up can use it. Below are the beginning characters of the story. More characters can be added later.

You: Your name is Keith Aqua. You're a semi-fit guy with brown hair. You're 6'0. You're not popular, but you get along with the people in your school. You're a sophomore in high school.

Mom: Trish Aqua is your mother. She has dark red hair . She has a fair complexion, and has some girth that doesn't make her look fat, but definitely shows that she has meat on her bones.

Dad: Dan Aqua is your dad. He is a man of average build who pretty much resembles you, but is older.

Sister: Britney Aqua is your sister. She is a member of the cheerleading squad, and definitely proves it. Her assets are generous, but not huge, she has a nice figure, and also has brown hair with blond streaks. She's an overachiever of the Senior Class.

Sister: Ashley Aqua is your younger sister. She's a freshman, and she's a goth. She might've resembled Britney if she didn't wear all the white make-up, the black hair dye, and the creepy clothing.

Dog: Spike is your Irish Setter. He's an energetic dog, since your family never got around to neutering him.

Liz: Liz Barchello is a cheerleader, and a friend of Britney. She has big breasts, and an ass to die for. She has raven black hair, and is often competed for by half the guys in your school.

Max Denver: Max is your best bud. Together, you guys are unstoppable...especially when it comes to getting in trouble.

Teacher: Mrs. Novanovich is your math teacher. She has a strong Russian accent, and appears to be in her early thirties. He hair is a light brown color, and she is hiding a couple of melons under her shirt. However, she is very strict.

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