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2. What to do...

1. You Are What You Wish

Careful versus Carefree

on 2003-03-10 14:42:50

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My mind had been racing all night long, every passing moment I would stare at the space beneath my cupboard. There I hid the magazines I didn't want Mum to find, and there I now stored the box with the wishing stone, just behind a pair of particularly noxious socks, in case anyone should start to get curious.

What should I wish for? Should I wait? could I wait? How might I experiment? It's like getting a new toy or game, who wants to read the instructions, it's all about having fun straight away. But this stone was no simple toy. It's power held me in awe, the fact that it could do the impossible, amazing!

Restraint. I had really exercised an incredible amount of restraint in not trying to do any serious wishing so far. Grandpa's letter and the inherent danger of not being able to unwish a wish, had caused me to be cautious for so long. Showing the stone to Karyn yesterday, was the only calculated risk I had really taken. Primarily I needed to tell someone else about the stone, to prove to myself it was real and not just my imagination, but secondly I wanted to see how another person my handle my own situation. Her accident proved to me that without exercising some caution, mistakes could be made, even though her situation was less than dire, it could have been worse.

What was I thinking, this was the fourth day in a row that I had been so careful, what was the point of having a wishing stone if I wasn't ever going to use it. Part of showing this great secret to Karyn was to share it with her, to have someone else to enjoy the fun, but where was the fun? My eagerness was creeping back to me, and I made a resolution to use the stone today.

First though a shower, and getting ready for the school day ahead.

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