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2. A little cultural change

1. You Are What You Wish

Lovin' a "Brotha"

on 2003-01-31 02:37:52

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Waking early, and anxious to get to school, I showered and dressed quickly, grabbed the stone, ran downstairs and out the door, barely hearing my mothers "good morning sweetie" as I headed for the school bus stop. Karyn was waiting. "well do you have it" she asked excitedly. "yes but Im worried. who knows what it can do".... "Stop it silly. we'll just have a little fun is all"

At the next corner my buddy Carl got on and sat next to us. Now Carl wa a bit of a nerd, 5'6" pasty white skin slight build and thick glasses makig him the butt of most of the other students jokes. He handled it well enough, but it really hurt him alot. He was in a good mood today " Hey Jon last night my dad took me to the basketball game and it was sooooo cool".. "Thats awesome" said I. Karyn gigled. " I really like basketball players, so tall and strong".. "Calm down there Karyn, I never knew you liked guys like that" "Well I do! so there" Something new about Kary,Intersting.

Carl went on and on about the game and how he wished he could play like that, all the way to school he kept it up, me just getting bored and Karyn just looking off into the distance,a little grin on her face. Finally reaching into my pocket and grasping the stone, " I wish Carl would just shut up about the game already", and thankfully he did. "Karyn, hey Karyn, get up, we're here, I had to shake her out of her trance, "basketball players"? I said to her as we ran off the bus, and she just smiled at me and ran to her first class.

The day was long and boring as usual, and I had forgotten about the stone, after school Carl, me and Karen met up and went for a soda. As we drank our colas, I reached into my pocket to pay the waitress, and the stone and some change fell onto the table. I went to grab the stone but Carl was a little quicker. "what are ya carryin this thin for Jon" Carl asked. Before I could make up an excuse, Karyn blurted out. " It's a magic stone Carl, it grants wishes".. "C'mon Karyn" I whined, " you're not supposed to tell anybody.","NO WAY" says Carl. I tried to grab it out of Carls hand, but missed. "Go ahead and wish for something you really want" Kayn said excitedly. Grasping the stone tightly Carl says, "I wish I was raelly tall, and the best Basketball player in the school, and had a really HOT blonde girlfriend"

Next thing I know we are all in the school parking lot standing next to Lebron's masive Hummer 2. " Hay Jon, man thanks for this cool stone you gave me man" "Is that you Carl"? I queried, "Man CARl is sooo gone my brother, Lebron is here now, best bad ass Black basketball playa in the land, ya dig"........ "Uh Oh" was all I could say. A stunning Blonde who looked vaguely familiar was sitting in the hummer, big beautiful hair, major boobs, "Karyn, I wondered"? "Yes Jon sweetie. I told you I always liked basketball Players", "and you know I like havin my sweet white bitch n my arm, all the brothas r jealous man, Thanks Jon man I alway knew you was cool" He got into the hummer and drove off. what had just happened, my friends Carl, and Karyn, now because of the stone, he's the best highscholl basketball player in the land, and shes the hottest Blonde bimbo in school.What am I going to do? For several weeks I didn't see them at all the Basketball team was traveling. I wondered if Lebron/Carl was using the stone because he kept scoring more points every game. When I saw them again after the long road trip. I knew he had tweaked himself a Karyn a little, hew was about 2" taller at 6'10" now, and Karyn Had platinum hair and even bigger boobs. He winked at me as he got off the bus. I knew I had to talk to him.

I got my chance a few days later, he called and said he had to talk to me. He came over to the house a couple of hours later, my mom was out shopping so we were alone. Sitting in my room I said."hey Carl, any of you still in there buddy", Lebron said "Ain't no CArl left Jon man, jus me Lebron, biggest baddest nigga ball player aroun, goin to the NBA. gonna make millions n have bitches hangin all over my ass"... I pleaded, "c'mon Carl you gotta come back buddy,fight it PLEASE"!!!!!!! "MAn stop be bringi me down man, no way Carl comin back, matter o fact I gotta do sumthin bout you..." "cain't be havin you mess this up bein you know bout the stone"..

"Matter o fact my Momma's real upset that I ain't got no Black girlfriend." I said "Momma you know thay ain't no sistas in this school" but she still upset. So I figured a way to fix you anmy Momma"

"Noooooooo please Carl" I pleaded. "Hay Bitch I said Carl ain't here. Now I wish that Jon be a PhAT ass Sista that....

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