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8. Just Be Clear and Specific

7. Another Way...

6. Maybe not EXACTLY how..

5. At the Library

4. Helping the situation?

3. Reminiscing

2. A Chance Encounter...

1. You Are What You Wish

Recovering Jon

on 2003-01-26 18:40:28

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"My locker is upstairs in the South wing. Take the first set of stairs on the left."

Trooping through the empty halls, the only sounds were their own footsteps echoing as they walked until they reached Karyn's locker.

"Here, hold the rock while I work the combination", Karyn said as she placed the rock in Emily's hands.

Opening her locker, Karyn breathed a sigh of relief. There on the door was a picture of Jon as he was last week. "Thank goodness! I was afraid all of Jon's old pictures might have changed to match his new circumstances. OK, we can fix this. We just need to be very careful and specific."

Emily held up the rock. "I know how to do this! No mistakes, very limited and specific. Karyn hold up Jon's picture in both hands with the picture facing Jon. Jon, look at the picture Karyn is holding."

Taking a big breadth, Emily declared; "I wish that Jon's body will change such that the photograph he sees Karyn holding out to him in both hands is an accurate photo of Jon taken one week ago, and that Jon will be wearing the same clothing as that worn in the photo including all of the unseen portions. Also any size ambiguities not clearly indicated will be matched from the original photographic subject"

There was a flash of light as Jon blurred and reformed. Standing before them was the original Jon. The wish was on the mark. The only side effect was that Jon was a little overdressed in a tuxedo.

"I'm back!" Jon exclaimed. "Thanks ladies. The tux is a bit much but no big deal, what a relief!"

"Sorry about the tux", Emily said. "I was afraid that without the clothing stipulation you'd end up in a torn under size dress. How about the rest of the clothing? I see you have shoes that weren't in the picture, did you get underwear", she giggled?

John took a couple of steps and wiggled. "Yep, everything's there", he grinned. "let's get out of here.

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