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2. A Chance Encounter...

1. You Are What You Wish

A Chance Encounter...

on 2003-01-14 09:16:20

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I wanted to head straight home, but I was really hungry. So, I opted to stop by the Citgo down the road to pick up something to snack on. I would have gone to a fast-food joint, but my mom takes it personally when you don't finish her meals. After paying the clerk for the bag of chips and the soda, I stepped out of the gas station.

"Jon? Jon, is that really you?" came a surprised-sounding girl's voice from one of the pumps. Looking over, I saw a familiar girl running toward me. As she reached me and embraced me tightly, I realized who she was.

"Emily?" I said, returning the hug. Emily Morris and I met around the same time that Karyn and I had. She was like the third member of our posse, but she moved away in 7th grade because her dad was transferred to a different base. It was great to see her again. "Emily... it's been so long..."

She took a step back and gave a smile, but I could see tears in her eyes. "Too long, Jon.. I never expected to see you again."

I was grinning so widely, that my cheeks were beginning to hurt a little. "What brings you back here? Your father get transferred back?"

She shook her head slowly. "No, I'm here visiting my grandparents... I came alone. My mom and dad are having.. marital problems..."

I nodded understandingly. My dad had left my mom and me when I was really young. And I remember all the times Emily would stay over at Karyn's house because her parents were fighting.. Emily was always so sad as a kid. "Well... I'm headed home... my mom's not doing too well."

Emily's eyes widened. "Is she sick?"

"No, no... but my grandfather passed away.. they were really close."

"Well, do you need a ride? I notice you don't have a car..." she grinned.

"Thanks! I appreciate it... maybe you can stay for dinner? We can catch up."

She smiled sweetly. I missed that smile. "Sure, I'd like that..."

Hopping in her car, we headed off for my place. Little did I know what was in store for me...

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