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3. Monsters!

2. A Horrible Mistake...(Reboot)

1. You Are What You Wish


avatar on 2019-03-25 19:57:23

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Jon blinks a bit as he wakes up, seeing the white ceiling of his bedroom. Wait, did he fall asleep? He groggily turns over in his bed, sitting on it as his bare feet touch the floor. He looks down, finding he is only in his boxers! 'Wait, how...when....' he thinks to himself, confused. 'Didn't I just make a- oh no." He immediately stands up, looking around desperately for the stone, while at the same time keeping a keen eye out for anything suspicious. The wish could have done anything! After a solid ten minutes of searching his somewhat messy room, he begins breathing quite heavily. Sitting down as not to be throw into a panic attack, he picks up his phone and calls Karyn. The only person who knows about the stone other than him.

It rings, as it seams she isn't going to pick up. However last second, it does! "Karyn? Hello?" He says still panicking, his voice shaking ever so slightly. Tho what he hears in response is a bit odd. "Jon? You ok? Your on speaker, I kinda dropped my head." Karyn replies, but her voice is slightly muffled, as if she was across the room and talking to him. Confused about what she means, he ignores it. This was serious! "Karyn, I screwed up. I wished for something interesting to happen and then I passed out and I just woke up and-" He's cut off by her however, "Whoa whoa whoa Jon-Boy calm down. I can't understand you when you are talking that fast. Breathe a bit." Her voice sounded much better now, obviously her phone was to her ear. He nods to himself, trying to calm down. With a few deep breaths and a large sigh he tries once more to speak. "I made a wish for something interesting to happen. I woke up just now, and the stone is gone, plus I don't remember going to sleep. I just remember coming up to my room after school yesterday, then blank."

There isn't a response for a few seconds, as Jon winces. "Ka-" "YOU IDIOT!" He pulls the phone away from his ear as Karyn yells at him. "You lost the fucking stone!? Jon you better be- ugh I'm on my way." She says annoyed, but before Jon can respond she hangs up. He sighs. It's been awhile since she's ever been that angry at him. Tho he didn't blame her. It's not like he lost a stone that could literally warp reality without them knowing or anything! Tho.... that's exactly what happened. He gets up, going to his closet as he gets dressed.

Now wearing a pair of cargo shorts, the paleness of the fabric sticking out on his hairless legs, a red t-shirt that was slightly baggy, but not to much, and his standard socks and sneakers, he walks out of his room. It won't do him any good to just sit there all day! As he shuts his door, he is immediately blasted my the heavy rock music from his little sister Zoe's room. Her door was shut, but what was a bit off were the claw marks all over the door. Almost as if a bear or a dog had tried to attack it, as the wood underneath the white paint was cut rather deep. Noting that her door had definitely changed, he goes to check on his other sibling. As he goes to Mikey's room, he finds the door is shut as well! Opening it slightly, he see's a small lump on his bed, the blankets over what he assumes to be hiss brother. 'Must still be asleep." Jon thinks to himself as he closes the door.

As he gets to the end of the hall, the fresh smell of bacon and eggs fills his nostrils, the familiar humming of his mother Linda being heard. He walks downstairs as quietly as possible, looking int the living room. He doesn't notice anything odd at first, noting his father's coat was gone from the hanger. Tho he worked from six in the morning until whenever his boss let him off of work, the past month being a mix up of overtime and coming home early. Tho as he see's the pictures of his family on the walls, he squints to see them better. However before he can, he feels a tap on his shoulder. "Are you ok honey?" He hears his mom asks, as he turns around, wide eyed at what's in front of him!

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