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2. Mom Finds the Stone

1. You Are What You Wish

Mom Finds the Stone

on 2002-12-02 14:24:09

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As soon as Jon got home he carefully hid the rock in the loose panel on the side of his bed. He figured it was the one place his mom might not look.

As wonderful as Jon thought his life was, he needed to think about what to do with the Stone, and decided to go to his favorite thinking spot. As he walked down the stairs, he heard his mother talking to Shane Barbi about her hair appointment this afternoon.

"Buy Mom. I'm going to the mall. I'll be home latter".

"Don't be late Honey, Were having meat loaf tonight".

Jon's mother finished talking to Shane while she finished folding the cloths, and then took them to Jon's room. 'I do wish the Jon would be more helpful around the house', she thought as she put his cloths away. She bent over to pull open his drawer and bumped the panel on the side of his bed, and it fell off. "What the..." Janet said as she looked at the panel that now lay on the floor.

Sighing she picked up the panel when she notices the rock in the hiding spot, curious she picks it up and puzzled, places it in her pocket before she replaces the panel, making a mental note to fix the board latter. Now she has to go over to Shane's Salon and get her hair done.

The drive over was uneventful, and she pulls up in front of the Salon. Smiling at her luck, she gets out of the car and walks in to the receptionist.

"Hi, Casey", she smiles at the attractive girl behind the desk.

"Hi" Janet, Shane says while she is fixing Barbara Johnson's hair in one of her famous updo's. "I'll be with you in a moment".

As Janet sits, she feels the stone in her pocket, and pulls it out to examine it. Pink and blue lines swirl through it and it feels warm to the touch. Watching Shane work on Barbara's hair, she wishes that She could have hair that beautiful, and the rock that was just warm feels almost instantly hot to the touch...

Barbra is finished, and Shane walks up to Janet and smiles. "You feeling brave today?"

"Yes" Janet smiles at Shane as they walk back to the shampoo area she holds onto the warm stone, feeling somehow comforted by it.

"I think I want to lighten your hair and do your hair in an updo, if you wouldn't mind" Shane says to Janet, and She smiles, I was just thinking about that.

They chit chat while Shane is doing Janet's hair, and talk about the shop, the fact that Jon is just like most children his age, and about there love life. Shane finishes coloring Janet's hair a beautiful Ivory blond, and is trimming Janet's hair, as she cut her hair into a long layered bangs, and blunts the back.

"Janet, what have you been doing to your hair, it just seems so much thicker, and it actually seems longer now than last week".

"Nothing, just the usual. It must because of the color. Makes it seem longer or something".

"Yes, that might be it" Shane says as she wraps Janet's hair in rollers.

"Shane, where is your shampoo girl Julie?"

"She quit." I sure wish I has someone to replace her, but none of the girls seem to want to learn how to do the old fashioned hair-do's. What about Jon, do you think he would like to work for me?"

Janet laughs at the thought, "No, but it would be fun if he did. I wish he would apply here. It would give him something to do to forget about his grampa. It isn't very likely though."

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