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2. Enter Larry Nadish

1. You Are What You Wish

Larry Nadish, Sorcerer Supreme

on 2002-10-11 22:19:48

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As Jon and Karyn left the school yard, a bent form flopped out of the tiny toolshed next to the wall they had been seated at. The form unbent itself to reveal a rather gangly young man with messy black hair and glasses. He was wearing a tattered black blazer with matching trousers and tie, which he dusted off as he straightened himself up.

"So... that little twerp Jon has stumbled onto something big, eh? Interesting..." Larry had noticed earlier in the day that Jon was acting very nervous and protective over a strange box he was lugging around. This of course peaked his curiosity, as it was obvious the other boy had something very valuable inside it. So, Nadish decided to follow Jon around and spy on him. "Good thing I did, too! Who would have thought that a pathetic little weasel like Jon Smith would be in possession of such an extremely valuable item?"

Larry glared in the direction of Jon and Karyn, whose shapes were becoming small specks in the distant horizon. "Such an idiot wouldn't know how to deal with such power! It is my duty as his intellectual superior to seize this opportunity and relieve the poor peon of this awesome responsibility. Yeah, I'd actually be doing the moron a favor!"

Nadish chuckled to himself before advancing forwards, intent on following Jon home and stealing the rock. Throughout the walk to the other boy's house, Larry fantasized about the wishes he would make. Ever since gradeschool, he had been the victim of teasings and bullyings; everyone treated him like garbage, always playing pranks on him. Of course, Larry didn't attribute his peers' behavior to the fact that he was quite an asshole who was full of his own self worth.

In order to get back at his supposed tormentors, Larry decided to take up learning the occult; he regarded himself as a sorcerer, and read up all he could about black magic, witchcraft, and various other arcane subjects. Of course, none of the spells and incantations he had learned had actually worked. Unless you counted the supposed levitation spell which turned his hair green, and Larry didn't.

"Soon," whispered Nadish as he ducked behind a tree in order to avoid being seen by his quarry. "Yeah, soon... my time will come. When I get that stupid rock, I'm gonna be the most powerful being in the universe! Yes! All shall bow down before my superiority! Yes! I'll be a God! Yesss!!!" Giggling to himself like a deranged schoolgirl, Larry continued his persuit.

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