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2. Problems

1. You Are What You Wish

Minor Problem

on 2002-08-26 08:26:28

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I couldn't leave the stone at home today, mom decided today was the day to blitz my bedroom. Which menat I quickly had to clear out all incriminating articles from my room this morning and hide them the only place I could... on my person. So today, in my rucksack, I have brought to school the magic stone, seven phtographs and my entire collection of porn magazines. Talk about living on the edge.

The photos are in fact the seven remaining photographs of my ex-girlfriend Lisa that survived our break up. She dumped me so I burned one of them in disgust. She's the only girlfriend I've ever had, and I miss her. Three of the photos are completely naked, the rest only partially so.

And my porn collection... collection is too strong a word. It's only four magazines, okay? I only keep the best.

The best I can hope for is to get into school early and hide the mags, the photos and of course the stone in my locker before anyone can see it. If that's not possible, I'll have to carry them with me all day and be very careful whenever I open my bag. I really want to at least leave the stone behind in my locker... I don't want it going off by accident, if it can do that.

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