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3. Alpha delta chi

2. Camwood university

1. The Drafting Board

Alpha delta chi

on 2019-03-11 20:30:37

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Meet the girls.

It was the beginning of the new semester and the residents of Alpha Delta Chi were only just waking up, or at least most of them anyway. The smell of cooking bacon was slowly wafting through out the sorority house. This made even the heaviest of sleepers slowly wake from their hibernation. Harmony was always the first one to be up cooking before anyone else was ever up. She set the table with six plates, including one for herself. She paused and grabbed another plate. She was still in her pajamas, which consisted of only a small tank top and panties, even after up cooking food all morning. She had her brunette hair pulled back into a pony tale, so that she wouldn't get any of her hair into the food as she adjusted her glasses on her face. To be blunt, she was sort of the goody two shoes of the sorority. She didn't have much in the chest department to really feel self conscious about slipping out of her top, she she felt very comfortable to just walk around in smaller clothes. Once the table was set, she walked up to the stair leading to the bedrooms.

"Breakfast! Come and get it before it gets cold!"

That usually got the girls up and running. Harmony was usually in charge of cooking, mainly due to the fact that she was an amazing cook. Her mother was chef at a fancy French restaurant and her father ran a bar that was often considered one of the burger joints in town. So naturally this girl had cooking in her blood. Harmony was gathering all the food on stove and was setting it on the table when she heard the first door open.

Coming down the stairs was Aimee. Aimee was quite the character when it came to the theatrics. She was majoring in theater and had a dream of becoming a world known actress. Her hair was a mess as it looked like she didn't even attempt to comb it.

"Morning sunshine." Harmony said as she saw Aimee go over to fridge and grab the carton of orange juice.

"Morning..." She said grumbling. Clearly this girl was not a morning person like Harmony was. "Looks good." She said pouring the juice into a glass. She took a spot at the table and began to make herself a plate of food. Aimee was gorgeous to say the least. She had Hispanic background in her and it was easy to tell due to her mocha skin and jet black hair. She and Harmony were on the same boat as not much curves, but Aimee was a bit larger in the booty department. She often called it her "Latin Ass". A nickname that use to be an insult to her back in high school, but slowly embraced it after entering college.

As they were eating they heard a couple of other doors open. Slowly but surely, more and more of the sorority sisters came down. Lynn took a pot at the table, making herself a plate. She was practically a genius compared to the other girls. Not to bust out the stereotype card, but it may just come with the territory of being Asian. Her parents were originally from Japan and came over to America a few years ago. She even still had a bit of a Japanese accent. To be honest, it was sort of cute. The twins soon followed in, almost inseparable. Kaia and Lily were identical twins. Lily was only two minutes older than Kaia, but it still made her the big sister of the two. Despite they were identical twins, they often disagreed on a lot of things thus causing fights. But even the fights wouldn't stop them from being sisters. Then Evangeline came into the kitchen. Again, not to shoot out any cards, she was pretty much the black girl of the group. Born and raised in New York, she was a tough cookie, not to mention tall! She stood at least a good foot over the rest of the girls standing at a good 6' 4". But one thing was for sure, she would often make Aimee jealous because her ass was slightly bigger than hers. Not by much, but Evangeline's ass certainly had more jiggle to it.

All the girls were still at the table. Harmony was just about to sit down when she saw an empty plate. "Someone's missing." She said with a thinking look on her face. There was a brief pause before Aimee piped up. "Oh, I think it's the new girl." Once she was brought up, there was chatter among the girls. Harmony stood at the foot of the table. "Now now, alright, as senior and head of Alpha Delta Chi, it is my responsibility to introduce you to new members." A lot of the girls nodded their heads. "Yeah, we haven't met this girl yet. What is she like?" Lynn asked curiously. "She cute?" Aimee asked a tad bit too curiously. "Please, please, one question at a time. Let me go fetch her and-" And with that, the final door opened. All the girls went silent. It was almost like in a movie where the suspense was building up the music was getting more and more dramatic. They then soon saw a cute little blonde walking down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Ah! Shelby! Good you're awake!" Harmony said walking over to her and bringing her closer to the other girls. "Everyone, this is Shelby. She's our new roommate!" Shelby waved to everyone slowly out of nervousness and the fact that she only just woke up ten minutes ago. But something was off. Shelby was quick to notice that the girls at the table weren't keeping much eye contact. It was pretty clear that most of them were staring at her chest. Shelby blushed knowing this little tidbit. She may have been small and petite, but she also knew that her 34 G cups looked absolutely massive on her. Harmony, having met her before she moved in knew this fact too. She too couldn't help but feel a little jealous as well. "W-well then, lets go around and introduce ourselves to Shelby now." She said breaking the awkward silence and pointing to Aimee.

"Aimee" "She said waving to her.

"Evangeline. But you can call me Eva."

"Lynn." She said with a bit of a blush on her face.

"Kaia and this is my Twin sister Lily." Kaia said. "We're twins!" They both said at the same time.

"And you know me." Harmony said with a warm smile. "With that in mind, you grab a plate and lets dig in!"

Shelby grabbed the seat that was empty next to Aimee. As she was making her food Aimee scooted closer to her. "So, hey, new girl, how big are your tits?" She said almost nonchalantly. "Aimee!" Harmony said loudly. "What? We're all girls here!" She said looking back at Shelby. "So, how big?"

"Aimee, please, this is the girl's first official day here. Let her eat." Harmony said trying to keep the peace. But Shelby smiled. "It's okay, I'm honestly use to it. They really started growing when I hit high school, so, it's okay. But to answer your question, they're 34 G cups."

"G cups?!" The twins said looking at each others chest in comparison. Even some of the other girls were looking and realizing that no one was bigger than Shelby. Even Aimee was finding herself feeling jealous. "Well...damn." But it was then that Aimee gained quite the grin on her face.

"What is that face for?" Harmony said.

"Oh, you didn't tell her did you?" Aimee said with her grinning growing ever so wider. It was as if Harmony and the other girls knew exactly what she was talking about.

"You don't mean..." Lynn said looking at Harmony, who only sat there looking at Aimee sternly.

Shelby only sat there looking at all the girls. "W-what?"

Aimee smiled putting a piece of bacon in her mouth. "Well, I assume that Harmony hasn't told you what it takes to become a TRUE Alpha Delta Chi?" Shelby only shook her head. "Ooooh, this is going to be so good!"

Shelby had to admit, she was feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing. "But don't worry, we all had to do it, might be more fun for us to watch you do it." Aimee stated adding a seductive wink.

"What do I have to do?" Shelby asked curiously with a mix of nervousness.

"You have go the whole day topless." Aimee said grinning from ear to ear.

"What?!" Shelby yelped out. "Even if I have classes starting tomorrow!?"

"They're are exceptions, however, it is a tradition here at Alpha Delta Chi for new members to go topless for one whole day to be truly excepted. I had to to do it when I was a freshmen and these girls here had to do it. Even little Lynn here had to do it last year." Harmony said pointing to a red faced Lynn. Shelby only sat there silently in her seat. "What are the exceptions?"

"Well, if you have to attend a class, we provide you with a shirt. It's embarrassing, but it'll get the job done. And no, you're not allowed to wear a bra with it." Harmony answered. "Oh! Can I show her the top!?" Aimee said excitedly. Harmony then nodded as the girl darted upstairs and came back down with something that resembled a shirt. It was a tube top that stated "Horny to be a Alpha Delta Chick!"

Shelby only looked at the other girls as they looked back at her. "Welcome to the sorority!"

Credit goes to the_doctor for writing this

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