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3. In the kicthen

2. Early the next morning

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's still not awake enough

on 2002-07-13 16:02:17

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Like most teenage guys, he looked through the stocked fridge and cupboards and couldn't find anything to eat. He absent-mindedly said, "I just wish we had something to eat in this house".

Jon blinked, and when he opened his eyes his kitchen was at least three times as large, filled with professional ovens, walk in freezers, cooks, and the other staff neccisary in a large kicthen. Everyone was busy, turning out all sorts of breakfast food. No one seemed to mind that Jon was just standing around in his boxers.

Just then his mom came into the kitchen through a swinging door and yelled:

"Jon! What are you doing down here in just your boxers? We have the restaurant filled with customers. You better get back upstairs and get dressed, I won't have you purposely sabotaging my new business like this!"

She then picked up a try of food and left the kitchen. Jon looked out the window of the swinging door to see a dining room full of customers. On the other side of the room was the stairs (roped off) that lead upstairs to his room. Just then he remembered that he had the rock, and quickly said, "I wish I had clothes on so I wouldn't be embarrassed"

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