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2. That night....

1. You Are What You Wish

That night....

on 2002-03-25 14:00:45

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"Mom! I'm going out!" Jon yelled as he left.

Jon grabbed a bus downtown to a club where one of his favorite local rock bands was playing. Jon had known Karyn wouldn't be into it, so he went by himself. He had a hard time deciding what to do with the rock as he didn't want to take it with him until he figured it out, nor did he want to leave it home for someone to accidently take advantedge of; eventually, he took it with him.

Jon's eyes kept going back to one blonde girl wearing a tight black skirt and a halter top. All night long, he just couldn't stop...

At the end of the night Jon mumbled, "I wish she'd want to have sex with with me...god, she's so hot." Jon had forgotten about the rock. It burned for a moment, then nothing. Somehow he was somewhere to the bar.

Jon saw his reflection in the mirror behind the bar. He now had long black hair and was wearing a red leather dress. He looked down to see some of the biggest platform boots he'd ever seen on his feet. After the band finished, the blonde girl ran out of the club and attacked Jon with hugs and kisses.

"Ready to go back home for a little...well, you know?"

Something seemed odd about the blonde girl's voice. He shrugged it off. Hey, he was going to have sex, granted it was lesbian sex...but at least it was with one of the hottest lesbians he'd ever seen.

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