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2. Let's see what's on the tube

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon gets bored and tunes in Karyn

on 2002-03-02 22:11:24

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Jon spent the rest of the afternoon in his room thinking about what he was gonna do with the wishing rock. He couldn't make up his mind whether it was a dream come true or a horrible curse.

"I gotta remember that no matter what I wish, that I put an out in," Jon said to himself as he paced back and forth in front of his bed. "That way, no matter what I wish, I can reverse it."

Satisfied that he knew exactly what to do, Jon reached for his phone to call Karyn and fill her in on what he'd thought of. But, as was often the case, all he got was a busy signal.

"I swear she is on that phone all the time," he mumbled in frustration. Glancing at the blank screen of his television, Jon had an idea. "I wish that I could see and hear whoever I want, whenever I want with my tv and remote. And that the people I observe won't know it's going on." Jon felt the rock grow warm in his hand and then instantly cool.

"Let's see if it worked," Jon said as he hit the power button on the remote. As the screen came to life, all he saw was a rerun of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "Crap, it didn't work he said aloud. All I wanted to do was see what Karyn was doing."

Instantly, the channel on the television changed and Jon was looking at Karyn laying on her bed and talking on the phone.

"Ya-hoo!" Jon exclaimed. "I wonder who she's talking to?" he asked as he thumbed the volume button up.

"Yeah, Jen. I know, but it's not like I planned dyeing my hair blonde this morning," Karyn's voice said through the tv's speakers.

"I should have known that she'd be talking to Jennifer," Jon commented as he sat down on his bed.

For the next five minutes, Jon watched as Karyn just sat on her bed and talked into the phone.

"Boring," Jon said. "At least she could do something interesting. All they want to talk about is their hair and clothes."

Then a devilish smile spread across Jon's face. "I think I know how to liven this channel up a bit. I wish..."

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