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2. Payback is sweet

1. You Are What You Wish

School improvements

on 2001-12-18 02:32:48

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Supper was a daze, my mind totally elsewhere, and though I had a pile of homework to do after supper, I just couldn't get my mind on it. Even sleep was elusive, as my mind kept envisioning all the possibilities that the rock held in store. This was the chance of a lifetime to gain knowledge, fame, and fortune - all because of a rock. Noble thoughts of saving humanity, stopping famines and diseases were at the top of the list, but as I lay there more personal wishes were coming to mind - things like better looks for myself, and a stunningly beautiful, voluptuous and loving girlfriend were small enough and important enough that they'd be my first wishes come morning.

Meanwhile, I was imagining that Karyn wasn't getting much sleep either, as I was pretty sure she was working up her own wish list. Oh sure I'd said that I'd be leaving the stone at home the next day, but knew that wasn't going to happen - not with all the amazing wishes I had in store for it.

Karyn made sure to be at my house in time to walk to school together the next morning. "So did you bring it with you?"

"Of course."

"Knew it! So what are we going to wish for first?"

"Actually, I think we have to give this whole wishing concept more thought if we don't want to get into big trouble."

"How so?"

"Well for starters, I think that we have to remember to include with each wish, an 'out' clause that will let us reverse any wish. Like, a time limit thing or with a condition like - 'until I say otherwise'. Also, I think it would be wise to always keep the stone in its box until we've discussed with each other any wish we want to make. That way we can fine tune the wishes to avoid disasters, before actually wishing the wish when we touch it."

"Sounds fair. So what do we wish for first?"

Just then Mike 'Moose' Mathews and Steve 'the Stud' Farber rode by in Mike's new convertible Miata. "Hey there Karyn, looking good today. New padded bra I see. Har har har." The two drove off laughing hysterically.

"Jon, could you please pass me the stone. I have a sudden need to make a wish." I guess she still hadn't come to grips with or gotten comfortable with her newly enlarged boobs. Or maybe she had, and was just pissed that the guys couldn't believe or appreciate what they'd just seen.

"Karyn, remember what we said. No rash wishing. Let's be calm and rational, and think this through."

"Screw you Jon, I've had it with those apes. Just pass me the damn stone so I can wish them a good day."

"Calm down. I agree with you they deserve a little wish, but let's do it right. How about we wish Moose....

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