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2. The morning after the day befo

1. You Are What You Wish

The Short Walk Home

on 2001-08-23 04:38:53

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The next morning, I decided that I couldn't risk taking the rock to school - if it accidentally got into the wrong hands, it could cause all kinds of disasters! Carefully, before leaving out, I placed the rock, box and all, on the very top shelf of my closet, behind a stack of jigsaw puzzles I hadn't had down in years. There it would be safe from theft at school, curious parents, and nosy younger siblings.

The day seemed to last forever - and not just because of Mr. Fogarty's World History test, either. Finally, after school, I caught up with Karyn.

"Hey," she said, "Did you bring it?"

"Nah, I left it at home - thought it'd be safer," As we walked, I noticed Karyn was moving strangely. Finally, I realized that she was was self-conciously carrying her books over her now-inflated chest. "I, ah, I see you're not comfortable with your new cup size yet, huh?"

"Gee," she growled, "Whatever gave you that idea?! I just love carrying these basketballs around in my bra!"

"Don't worry," I said, "You can stay for dinner, and afterwards, we'll figure something out."

By the time we got back to my house, Karyn's usual good humor was back, and we thought we had everything planned out.

So naturally, we got the unexpected.

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