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3. Nothing unusual, but...

2. A Horrible Mistake...(Reboot)

1. You Are What You Wish

Nothing unusual

avatar on 2019-02-09 10:47:18

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Jon looked around his room, but thankfully nothing seemed amiss. "dodged a bullet there, gah, I'm such an idiot." Jon thought, stashing the stone away in its box.

"Hey Jon!", his sister Zoe shouted from outside, "Mom wants you to help unload the car!"
Jon sighed, "Ugh, Okay, I'll be right down!", he ran down the stairs and slipped on his trainers. Zoe was coming in through the front door carrying two large bags of groceries. "Dad blocked the driveway again so mom had to park out on the street." Zoe grunted, struggling with the bags.

Jon made his way out to the car, inspecting the trunk he saw it was already empty, so he moved around onto the road to check the back seats.
There were four or five large bags, but Jon figured he could manage to carry them. Swinging the car door open he grabbed the handles and tugged the bags out of the car.

"Jon! Look out!" he heard his sister scream, followed by the loud screeching of tyres.
Quickly turning his head he was greeted by the front of a large truck. Then a loud crunching bang, and blackness.

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