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2. Get what you deserve

1. You Are What You Wish

Get what you deserve

on 2001-07-14 18:21:38

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Jon took a minute to think about what to do with the rock. Later that night he thought about the fact that he could get some revenge.

Sharon was the perfect girl, who every girl wanted to be and every boy wanted to be with. She was beautiful, long blonde hair, shimering blue eyes, perk breasts just the right size, wonderful curves, everyones dream. She wasnt some dumb blonde though either, she was smart, very smart, she got straight A's and never studied. In addition she was born into a very well to do...hell they were rich, she was born into a RICH family. She had the perfect lifestyle, except for one thing. She was INCREDIBLY mean. Because everything came so easy to her, she thought that everything was hers to toy with. She would humiliate people by offering them money to do horrible things in exchange for money, or for some peice of evidence that she had blackmailed them with. She had countless boyfriends, however she never had a lasting relationship because she would just wait until she got bored and then dump them like garbage. Jon was dumped like this.

"I wish that she would get what she deserved" Jon said...and the familliar look away reaction took place.

But sharon went on being her nasty self...rejecting people hurting them. So on so forth. All throughout her school carrer. Then senior graduation came. She was the valedictorian, and was chosen to make a speech. After a few words from the principle (who she always sucked up to) she was called up to the podium. She was greeted by half boos and half silence...not tbe best reception.

But she didnt quite feel right...dizzy and a little naseous. She shook her head a few times to shake off the feeling but she couldnt. She got up to the podium when...

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