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2. Part of the Furniture

1. You Are What You Wish

Part of the Furniture

on 2001-07-01 05:41:55
Episode last modified by Brayn on 2018-02-16 02:02:07

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Jon walked home that evening, his head filled with wonders and amazements as to what he could do with this stone. This stone, a stone that could do anything he wished. He realized he would have to be careful with what he did and thought. Any little mention of a wish could offset it.
He patted his pocket where he had stored it and stopped in his tracks. The stone was no longer there. "Holy . . . no!"

Elsewhere . . .
It was a dark place. Karyn was tied and gagged to a water heater. Several men carried the stone and starred at her. "This will require tests." "We must find the owner." "No time. She will be the test subject." "Is this safe enough to work on humans?" "Does it matter?" Karyn pulled at her bonds but could not break free. "Let's test this then . . ." The shadowed man placed it on his skin. "I wish this female was a . . . couch. A red couch. A leather couch."
Karyn's body suddenly lurched. "Aow! Damn! OW! Stop!" Her skin turned red and expanded. It became puffy in places. Her arms became thick and connected with her knees to become the arms of the couch. Her breasts became pillows. "My god . ." she said.

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