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2. A strange package.

1. You Are What You Wish

A strange package.

on 2001-06-05 14:35:00

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"Hi love. How was school? Oh you've got mail. It's on your bed," my mum said as I came in the back door and threw my bag on the couch. Like most people my age I rarely got mail and so I was mildly curious about it, but given the excitement of today, the package could wait. "The package is from Argentina. Who do you know that lives their?"

Argentina? South America? "Um, just a pen pal mum," I shot up the stairs to my room. Waiting for me was a rumpled old package on my bed. The age of the package was what struck me first. It looked really old and was addressed to me. The stamps showed it as mailed in 1938! I picked it up and turned it over. Why had it taken so long to get here? I looked at the back for some senders details. Nothing. Then the front. It was my name and my address. I had not been born in 1938... I wasn't even a glimmer in my parents eyes. What the hell? Then there was the writing. It looked vaguely familiar. I stared at it for the longest time until I realised that it was my writing.

About now my hands started to shake. This was eerie. I opened the envelope. The paper was brittle with age and the letter inside dusty. I read.


In case you're wondering you're doing well at the moment. More than that I can't say. You've seen Back to the Future right? I think I'm taking a big risk by sending you this letter. You see if I influence the past me too much it could cause the present me, who lives in the past, to cease to exist. That would be bad for me, you (cause I am you) and the people you love. It would also be bad for the world... because we've kept the rock away from the Nazi's and the Covenant... If you don't come back here then all kinds of bad things will happen. This is all kinda like a Zen paradox. Now in case you didn't realise the stone is very important. Whilst so far you've seen what it can do to Karyn's cleavage, it's uses can be much more horrible. I shudder to think what the Nazi's would do with it...

So you have to make some wishes, like I did ...

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