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33. Knocking

32. investigation (corrected)

31. Shannon's note

30. fight or flight

29. Discovering the Evidence

28. the Truth

27. Becoming one

26. Two's company

25. Avoiding past mistakes

24. the House

23. Promises

22. Sharon's decision

21. Dominance

20. All dressed up...

19. Back to Jack

18. Time for the check

17. A bite to eat

16. James' realizations

15. Possibilities

14. James tells Lisa what Happened

And behind the door...

on 2015-07-19 16:50:29

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Lisa stood in front of the security gate feeling her heart pounding in her chest. She tried to calm herself, her fight or flight instincts were kicking in and they were leaning heavily towards fight. Unconsciously she tapped her foot impatiently as she waited, until the sound of her flip-flops slapping against the concrete caught her attention as it echoed off the walls of the arch at the main door. She grumbled in disgust and held her foot steady.

She was just about to push the button for her name George, when the front gate buzzed. She flinched at the sound, but quickly grabbed the door and pulled it open. She pushed the button for elevator and was startled when the doors opened and there was a scruffy looking man in his 30's standing there holding a basket of laundry. His face quickly registered as a guy named Bill who lived on the second floor, and it was apparent that he must have been riding up from the laundry room in the basement. She quickly stepped in and pushed the 3 button in the elevator and watched as the doors closed.

She was looking forward, but could feel Bill's eyes on her. From the corner of her eye it was obvious that he was looking at her, most likely checking her out and possibly undressing her with his eyes. She ignored and instead focused on calming herself for when she got to the third floor. She began using the deep breathing exercises she had learned when she was James, but quickly stopped when she realized that her deep breathing was making her stick her chest out in an exaggerated manor. Remember she wasn't wearing a bra, she unconsciously crossed her arms in front of her chest and was grateful when the doors opened to the second floor and Bill stepped out carrying his laundry. She began her breathing again when the doors closed.

When they opened again Lisa was on the third floor and strangely she was now calm. She now had to play the role 'happy Lisa/James' and hope she could put Shannon off guard until she could figure out what to do. She realized that it must have been over 12 hours since the original Lisa had turned into Shannon, so she might have used the medallion again. She wasn't sure what original Lisa's plan was and didn't know who's face she might see when the door opened. The original Lisa might have turned back to herself again, or maybe she might have turned back into James, but Lisa doubted she'd still be Shannon. That would give everything that she had done today away, so who would be behind the door. One things was for sure, she needed to get the medallion if she could.

Lisa sauntered up to the door, knocked and put on a happy countenance as she waited to see who would answer.

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