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6. Sitting Around the Kitchen Tab

5. Zoe Races To Greet Her New Sis

4. A Foreign Exchange Student Goi


2. A Horrible Mistake...(Reboot)

1. You Are What You Wish

Sitting Around the Kitchen Table

on 2019-01-30 21:08:23

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Linda revived her daughters with a bottle of smelling salts she kept in the first aid kit. Putting an arm around both of them she awkwardly guided both of the girls down the stairs and into the kitchen where she had already prepared mugs of calming chamomile tea.

Linda said, "I don't understand. How did John turn into a Japanese girl?"
John sobbed, "It must be Aiko. I look just like her."
Linda said, "She must have snuck in last night!"
Zoe sheepishly replied, "No, she didn't. I snuck into John's room last night."
John wailed "I don't want to move to Japan!"
Linda said, "Why were- oh never mind. How did John bond with her?"
Zoe said, "Didn't she drop a stack of papers off for John last week?"
Linda said, "Oh, right. Some of her hair must have found their way into John's room."
John cried, "I don't even like Sushi!"
"You probably do now." quipped Zoe.
Linda replied, "You're not helping."
Zoe said, "What is there to help?"
Linda said, "Zoe go through John's phone and see if you can't find Aiko's contact information. We should get her over here before the day is out. Also call Karyn, I think John could use a friend right now."

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