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2. Reginald Geoffereys

1. You Are What You Wish

Reginald Geoffereys

on 2001-04-21 14:05:00

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While Jon slept over what to do with the stone, Reginald stood outside his window. He had a plan.

Reginald had been on the mission to South America with Jon's grandfather. He knew about the stone that was found but he decided it was okay to let Jon's grandfather hold it for a while. Reginald wanted the time to make a plan. He wanted to make sure that he said his wish with the exact wording that could nto be misinterpreted by the stone.

Reginald still wasn't sure that he had the wording perfect and he was aprehensive about whether this would work or not, but he was now 72 and running out of time. He had to have that stone.

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