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2. Guess what awards show _THIS_

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn and Jon go to the Oscars!

on 2001-03-26 07:35:24

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The next day, Karyn and Jon met at Jon's house. When Karyn arrived, Jon was looking at the newspaper, which had predictions of who would win at this year's Academy Awards.

"The Oscars," said Karyn. "I've always wanted to go there, to sit in the auditorium and watch the Awards be given out."

"Well, why not?" said Jon.

"What do you mean?"

"It's been a long week. Spring break for us is the week after the Oscars. Why don't we go?"

"How are we going to do that?"

"Simple." Jon took out the rock and held it. "I wish that Karyn and I had an all expenses paid trip to attend the Oscars!"

A moment later, the phone rang. Jon answered, said yes, answered a few questions, and then hung up the phone with a smile.

"That was Jack Valenti himself! We've got reserved seats for the ceremony! They're even going to pay for our clothes!"

"Are you serious?" asked Karyn? "Really?"

The answer came a few days later as Karyn and Jon found themselves walking the red carpet along with Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Russell Crowe, and nearly every major star in Hollywood!

And in Jon's inside tuxedo pocket, in what looked like a cigar case, was the rock ...

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