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2. A slip of the tongue...

1. You Are What You Wish

Weighty Responsibility

on 2001-03-13 22:19:41
Episode last modified by TheScienceWizard on 2018-05-26 19:25:49

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As Jon walked into the house, he mused on the "gift" his late grandfather had given him. He surprised himself when some of his ponderings were said aloud, "I wish I didn't have to have the responsibility of taking care of this thing..."

Jon clasped his hand over his mouth as soon as he realized what he'd said, but it was too late. The stone was no longer in his hands. He could only guess where it had ended up...

Karen walked along awkwardly towards her house. It felt like she had bought bad-fitting clothing, which was basically the effect that her now constricting bra had on her new breasts. Worse still, she had started to notice an oddly itchy and bunched feeling in her panties, under her arms, and in her pants legs, though she wasn't sure why. It was seeping in more gradually than the rapid changes in her chest and scalp, but she was increasingly aware of it. Frustrated, she looked to make sure no one was watching and reached her hand under her sweater to scratch at her armpit.

She wasn't expecting her hand to touch a fistful of long, shaggy hair.

Startled, Karen gave a frantic inspection of herself, only to find that she had grown cascading luxurious tufts of blonde hair from her armpits, legs, and...pubic area...

She was also surprised to learn that she had the stone in her pocket...

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