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2. Hat of names: Staking claims

1. The Forum

Hat of names: Staking claims

on 2019-01-17 20:21:28

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Hi Anonymous51 (and other gentleperson why might join in later),
you seem to be taking care not to mess up any plans I might have regarding the storyline I started.
If so: Thanks, i appreciate the consideration.

It would be a shame though, if your admirable discretion put an unnecessary burden on your creativity.

I did not expect anybody to join in on the storyline I started so quickly, and did plan a bit farther ahead than prudent for a multi-author medium like FB. And now I am kinda invested in seeing three pages worth of notes and flow diagrams play out. ^^

So here are the things that are kinda essential to my plans, for anyone inclined to steer clear of others peoples plotlines:

I obviously have some ideas for Abigail and Jon, and by extension Athena as the one in a prime position to mess with Jons life. The people messing with abigail i can replace with some other NPC if anyone incorporates them into their post first.

Athena i would need mostly for her mind, so as long as her personality remains mostly intact, any changes to her wouldn't really be a problem to me. In fact any post forcing Athena to contend with changes of her own would be quite welcome in my book. I didn't really come up with anything interessting yet myself and it has been bothering me.

As long as Sarah and the popular clique remain less than welcoming for Abigail for now, they serve the one role I intended for them regarding what is in store for Abigail.

So please don't hold yourself back uneccessarily on my account. There are probably a dozen people out there making their own plays, and my 'flow-chart'-Fu is already strainingt keeping track of the plans of the few characters I did touch on so far ^^

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