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2. New Developments

1. Altered Fates


on 2005-04-20 03:03:48

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Michael was passing threw the garage yard sales. He had been through a lot lately.
He had finally gotten the pendant off, something he never thought would happen, but in a way it had made his life a lot more fun, he just knew he wanted to be free of it.

The pendant was a simple skull, about 2 inches wide and a quarter-inch thick, with green gems inlaid into the eye sockets and it was attached to a silver chain.

It had been stuck on Mike for a few days, when he and his friend Candice were at the mall. They learned the hard way it was special. It had a unique power, it would grant wishes. However, it was not like your wishing stone, or computer program, no this thing was cursed. It would grant wishes, but not the way someone might have intended them to be granted.

The wearer could not make a wish. They would only get the wishes of others that made wishes for themselves. This pendant was envious of that, and made the wishes happen to its wearer. However it did have a little backfire mechanism built in, if someone tried to make a wish to the wearer, it would hit the one making the wish instead.

All of this went through Michael's head as he strolled into a nearby yard sale. He did not want to see it go, but he knew it would just be more trouble. As it is, it took him a week to get it off before. He just hoped the next wearer would be as luck as he was to have a good friend to save watch out for them, because they would need it.

Michael put it down, the Envy Skull, with a note explaining what it was, he was not sure that anyone would know how to use it, but wanted to at least give them a warning. And with that he left, not knowing what the future of the stone would bring

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