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2. jon

1. Altered Fates

magical artifact hunter wish

on 2005-04-04 17:21:26

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author note: i decided to carry one universe into another but please dont bring the stone back in unless you feel it is absolutely necessary for your part of the story and if you do please remove it from the the story as soon as possible

after a wish on the stone (you are what you wish story) that he could have a database of all of the magical artifacts in the universe, jon had felt strangely compelled to hunt for them himself.

this seemed to be aided by a sort of sixth sense he had gained over the last few weeks. he had been having a mental image pop up in his head every other minute, aswell as a sense of where this item was.

this was his first outing to actually find this artifact he had been seeing in his minds eye, an average looking bronze amulet with a single rune inscribed upon it. he had told karyn he was getting her a gift (which was going to be the forementioned stone as a farewell gift when he dissapeared). he had decided that he would not return from this outing and had taken enough money to survive for a few months. he had wished himself a few physical and magical gifts to aid him, including immunity from the effects of any magical items(this came last of course), aswell as awareness of any alternate universes created by such artifacts.

just then he got a very strong vibe emmanating from a rather large man who was bending over one of the stalls. "so whats he up to i wonder" he spoke aloud, earning a strange look from a passerby. just then the man walked away but he no longer had his strange aura, jon decided to pursue him, as he needed to find out what this particular artifact did. he set off at a fast pace intending to catch him quickly. then this man got into a car, much to jons dissaproval.

as the man turned the key in the cars ignition, Jon used a power he had imbued himself with to aid him in his task, and a force pulled the key out of the mans grasp through the window, above the roof, until it stopped, hovering a foot above his hand, slowly turning.

he then walked upto the man and said "i believe you have left two items of great importance leave your possesion, one i shall return to you shortly, but the other i would like to ask you about, aswell as how this second one came into your possesion in the first place.

Charlie gasped in awe as he saw his car key hovering behind this slightly mysterious appearing individual (jon had also decided he should look the part), and reached for his key but it moved away from his hand.
the stranger spoke: "if you dont mind i would like to trade all information u have of the magical amulet you just deposited in the garage sale in the next street and where or who you obtained it from. in exchane i shall give you your car key aswell as some information for you which you may find interesting".

Charlie hesitated...

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