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3. What's it like to be a pussy?

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

What's it like to be a pussy?

on 2018-11-29 23:23:36

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You weren't sure where you had gotten the idea. It might have been from the way that people were often called "pussies" or "cunts". It might have been from some movie or play personifying someone's vagina. But for months now, you had been strangely curious about what being a pussy would actually be like. It seemed so unknown, and intimate, and exciting in a voyeuristic way. Of course, finding out was impossible. Or rather, it had been impossible. You didn't know what was impossible anymore, since your grandfather hadn't been very clear about the limits of the stone. But now, you are too horny to do anything but try.

"I wish that I was a random woman's genitals for the next five minutes."

Immediately, you feel like you were hit by a tranquilizer. Your body falls limply towards the floor, and in a split second of panic, you squeeze your eyes shut and brace for impact.

But the crash doesn't come. You keep your his eyes jammed shut for a few seconds. Then, slowly, you try to open your right eye, and find that you can't. It doesn't feel like your eye is stuck shut, but rather, that you don't have an eye to open. It feels like you're trying to wave with a third hand, or see out of your kneecap, you just can't. Panic sets in, the stone must have done something horribly wrong! But then you think, and silly as it sounds, you remember that vaginas don't have eyes. The fear gives way to excitement as you realize that it worked. You are now a woman's vagina, and will remain so for the next five minutes.

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