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2. Tuesday

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2018-11-29 11:32:24

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I sat on the wall after class, nervously fingering the box and swinging my legs. I couldn't believe what had happened the day before and watching Karyn struggle made me uncomfortable. Nobody had noticed the change and while she hadn't changed much the guys in school were a lot ruder to her and gave her constant unwanted attention. Karyn had rang me early and asked me to bring the stone, so I had the added anxiety of leaving the stone in my locker again, leaving me to worry that someone may steal it.

I sat waiting for Karyn. Finally, I spotted her strolling towards me across the yard. She was wearing the same scruffy old slacks and green jumper from yesterday, however her long straight blonde hair looked perfect. She was walking with two jocks I didn't recognise, who were laughing and asking to see her chest. "Why you still hanging out with that looser" one shouted,

When she finally reached me, she leapt up onto the wall with somewhat more ease than I'd managed earlier.

"Hey, Jon-boy, today has been a nightmare, we need to fix this"

"Ok, let's get out of here" I answered.

She shrugged, "Can you get rid of these idiots?" She said, pointing at the two guys shadowing her. They both started laughing again, and making lewed noises.

I grinned. "Yeah sure." I stuck my hand in the box and felt for the stone "I wish these jocks would go away and find someone else to annoy" I said

A light shone roughy the crack and suddenly both guys started walking away "what's going on?" One asked the other as they hurried away.

We walked over to the tree with the blue branch in silence, Karyn was obviously going over something in her mind.

"I know I cannot make a wish that contradicts a previous wish. But maybe I can make a simple wish to make his less perminent" Karyn said as we reached the tree.

"You have to be careful, what were you thinking" I asked

"I want to try and alter the wish slightly, maybe adding some words that are less permanent. Like making the wishes fake." She said, holding her hand out

I sighed, "OK but be careful" I handed her the stone for the second time,

Karyn fingered the stone, passing it from hand to hand, feeling its smoothness again, a distracted look in her eye. "I wish that I have fake long blond hair and fake big boobs and I only have unwanted attention due to the blond hair and bigger breasts" she said unsurly. We stared at each other and waited for what felt like an eternity for the stone to flash.

A second later it did, I looked at Karym, her hair now had red roots starting to show, but the biggest difference was her green sweater, now stretched out by two firm large spheres. Karen's face dropped, "well that feels weird" she said gripping her chest.

At that point Sarah McMillan, wandered past with her usual entourage, "Heynlook it's fake tits and her weird friend" she called out, the guys laughed, "You wish you were a real blonde" she laughed and the guys around her laughed with her some choosing to wolf whistle.

Karyn was obviously embarrassed. "I wish Sarah and her friends would all just go home" she cried, the stone flashed again, suddenly a very confused Sarah walked off along with all her friends.

"Karyn, please stop, we need to keep this secret" I said holding my hand out for the stone

She pulled her sweater over her head, followed by at shirt, her breast standing proudly, she grabbed one and tried to remove it, "agh it's an implant" she screamed, "I wish I was having thenbreasts removed tomorrow as I don't really want them and that the scar won't be noticeable" she said, shaking.

"Here, take it, I just want to go home" Karyn said, handing me the stone and putting her tops back on. I watched as she slowly disappeared around the corner.

I looked down at the box and shoved it in my pocket, tomorrow I would definitely leave it at home.

I looked around the now deserted yard and decided it was time to slope off home. Tomorrow was a new day and there was only one way to find out what it would bring...

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