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16. When they found her...

15. Sarah gets punished.

14. Frustration...

13. Don't let the bedbugs bite.

12. "Karen, you have the wishing s

11. Fingers (and more) Crossed!

10. Mikey's Input

9. Jon arrives

8. It's not over yet...

7. But wait! They're not alone..

6. Sarah finds Karyn at her house

5. Guess who Dee's sister is?

4. Dee and Mickie talk...

3. Freddie & Micki you're so cute

2. Little brother's turn

1. You Are What You Wish

An odd freak of nature.

on 2005-02-08 07:25:49

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When they found her, Sarah was still on Karyn's bed, asleep. She was clad in a bodysuit so tight that it didn't hide a single thing. Not her excessively large breasts, not her wide hips, not her wet cunt, not her two-foot penis that looked like it would be painful when it became stiff, and most definitely not any of the smaller penises that had apparently taken the place of her fingers and thumbs, or the monkey-tail, blue hair, or arched monkey-feet that were clad in five-inch heels.

Sarah really did look like a freak of nature, and she deserved it.

Max summed up what all three of them were feeling right then, "Wow."

Karyn and Jon could only nod, Jon especially, just because he enjoyed being able to nod without having to close his eyes, as well as the fact that he could once again enjoy his own private fantasies involving Karyn without having to worry about his chest getting bigger, and instead it only involved an enlargement of a certain member that he couldn't directly see any more, since that particular wish had been made by Karyn and not Sarah.

Karyn suddenly smiled as an idea came to her, "I wish that Sarah's three hours of sleep would be over right now."

Sarah suddenly woke up, looked around in confusion, saw Jon and Karyn standing there looking normal, and then felt something odd as her tight clothing bound her a bit around the crotch.

Looking down, she couldn't help but feel strange. In shock and surprise, she suddenly looked herself over a bit more, and when she got to her hands, instantly her gargantuan cock became extremely uncomfortable within her skin-tight clothes. "Iee!"

With all the abandon of someone who felt almost as if she were about to die, Sarah instantly started smacking her hands uselessly at where the zipper to her outfit was, unable to do anything but smack it since her fingers were no longer made for gripping anything whatsoever.

Taking pity on her, Karyn unzipped Sarah's clothes and helped pull them off of her, and instantly Sarah started sucking on one of her fingers, all of which by this point had become stiff and swollen to the point of ludacracy. She also started pushing and pulling one of the 'fingers' of her other hand into her wet-and-waiting cunt, as one of the wishes against her former boyfriend before Karyn and Jon had retrieved the stone had been that he would forever be getting 'her' penis-fingers off in her new vagina.

After a few seconds, Sarah was reduced to a crazed, moaning maniac with way too many male sex organs that were constantly ejecting semen everywhere.

Karyn, Jon, Max, and Karyn's father (who had just awoken to find himself normal again) were totally transfixed on this now constantly orgasming creature before them. Even beyond her quickly stiffening cocks and uncontrollably moving body, her form seemed to be reshaping every few seconds, as if one of her 'become more manly' and/or 'become more femenine' wishes were coming into effect.

It was going on two hours when Jon could think straight enough to walk out of the room, dragging the other three with him.

"My... god. Well, at least Sarah is imaginative, I'll give her that." Karyn was having a hard time denying a certain attraction to Sarah's new form, and she really wanted to take her heat on Jon right at that point.

"That young lady... I don't know whether to feel sorry for her or..."

Max stayed quiet, he knew what it was like to be constantly orgasming like that...

Jon was quiet for an extra moment, but finally he spoke, "Wish her somewhere she'll be accepted."

"Wh-wha? Why? I mean, where would she even go?"

Jon shrugged, "I don't know, but I don't need to, the stone would send her there anyway. I doubt right now she's even aware of the rest of the world, but at least put her somewhere where the people won't get sick of her and try to get rid of her..."

Karyn sighed, "Fine." Holding the stone up in front of her, she said, "I wish that Sarah would be in a place where she would be accepted and the people not get tired of her as she is. I also wish that she would not need to eat or drink, and that she would be unable to sleep until all of her cocks are limp once more."

Max imagined such a place, where everyone was like that and no one ate or drank, just sexed themselves up. It was a weird thought, but was turning him on even more than he was before, so he excused himself to the bathroom.

== With Sarah ==

"My god, that thing has been going at it for nearly two days now!" One man in a white coat to another man in a similar white coat.

"Yeah," said the other man, "and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down. I wonder just how long it will keep this up? I wonder if it needs to eat?"

The first man made a non-committal sound as the two of them looked down through some thick glass windows into a containment room housing a... thing that looked like it had way too many sexual organs to even deal with properly.

"What do you think is even the purpose of that larger penis at the crotch? It doesn't seem to be using, or even able to use it for anything?"

"Perhaps to impregnate others of its kind? I imagine that it isn't able to impregnate itself, as its habits seem to be a bit too quick for such a large being to be able to do that and not overrun the world."

"Perhaps it did overrun its own world, and that is why this one is here? Although, how it would manage space travel is beyond me?"

Sarah was completely oblivious to anything other than her eternal orgasming; there wasn't a single thought in her entire mind other than her overwhelming needs...

== Back with the others ==

Jon turned to Karyn, "So, what now?"

Karyn looked at Jon, "I don't know... but I think maybe we should do something about this stone. You saw what happened with Sarah..."

Jon nodded slowly.

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