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13. Don't let the bedbugs bite.

12. "Karen, you have the wishing s

11. Fingers (and more) Crossed!

10. Mikey's Input

9. Jon arrives

8. It's not over yet...

7. But wait! They're not alone..

6. Sarah finds Karyn at her house

5. Guess who Dee's sister is?

4. Dee and Mickie talk...

3. Freddie & Micki you're so cute

2. Little brother's turn

1. You Are What You Wish

Sleeping Beauty - For Now

on 2004-06-04 07:12:52

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"I wish that Sara was here, fast asleep for the next 3 hours."

With a second popping sound, Sarah's snoring form appeared on the bed next to Karen.

"What happened? Where's the stone?", asked an excited (and still quite stiff) Jon.

Karen motioned with her finger for Jon to be quiet, then set the stone down on her dresser.

"It's here. You just weren't able to notice it until now."

Karen picked the stone back up and motioned for Jon to head downstairs. Before closing the door on Sara, she whispered "I wish Sarah was having a terrible nightmare."

As she began to close the door, she heard a muffled scream, followed by more snoring punctuated with sobs.

She grinned. Sarah was going to face much worse when she awoke.

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