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2. Little brother's turn

1. You Are What You Wish

The rock goes to school, but not Jon's

on 2001-03-12 06:00:14

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The next day, when Jon got out of bed, he didn't remember the rock right away. He went into the bathroom as usual and got ready to wake up by taking a shower.

While he was in the shower, his little brother, Mikey, entered Jon's room. Mikey had misplaced his pen and had decided to get one out of the drawer in his brother's nightstand. But when he opened it, he saw a box in the drawer. A box he had never seen before. Mikey opened the box and found a rock inside.

A rock! Ms. Warren had told everyone to bring a rock with them for science class that day! Mikey had forgotten and would probably just have brought a rock that he picked up on the way to school. But this would be a better rock, he thought.

But what if Jon got mad?

"Mikey," yelled his mother. "Your bus is coming!"

No time to worry about Jon, thought Mikey. He shoved the rock in his pocket, ran downstairs, and out the door to the school bus.

As he sat down at his desk, Mikey couldn't help but looking at Ms. Warren. She was by far the prettiest teacher in the school, and Mikey was proud (like every other boy in his class) that she was HIS teacher! Today, she had on a new sweater that fit her VERY well!

"Did everyone remember to bring a rock with them?"

Mikey took the rock from his pocket. A moment later, a hand grabbed it from him.

"Hey, Matthews, where'd you find this rock?"

"It's my brother's!" Mikey yelled at Fred Orr, the biggest jerk in his class. "Give it back!"

"I dunno. I forgot about bringing a rock with me today. I think I'll keep yours!"

"It's my brother's, I said. Give it back, or I'll have him MAKE you give it back!"

"Aww, Mikey gonna tell his brudder on me? Don't cry, Little Mikey! Here's your rock back!" And Fred threw the rock at Mikey, hitting him in the head!"

"Orr, you jerk!" said Mikey, picking up the rock. "I wish ... "

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