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2. New reality

1. You Are What You Wish

New beginning alternative reality

on 2018-11-21 16:12:41
Episode last modified by Mcufanfn2187 on 2018-11-21 16:14:22

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Jon was waiting for his best friend kody(this realitys karyn) so they could have fun with the stone (already showed him the stone like normal but instead of the blond hair and big bnacreasts he(kody) wished that sarah
Had a penis and small boobs)kody walks in to Jon's room and says hi jon hi kody Jon says then forgetting the stone was in his hand says without thinking I kinda wish your name was Mary stone flash's oops says Jon whyd yo do that and what the hell kody now named Mary yells Jon tries to apogise but mary (still a boy BTW) snaches the stone and says I wish your name was Wanda Jon now Wanda (again still male)
Snatches the stone and says I wish you had boobs and a pussy and was a complete girl now with long red hair she looks quite hot Wanda thinks I wish you were my girlfriend mary now a female snatches the stone and says I wish you were my girlfriend Wanda and we were in love and never fought.
Wanda now a complete girl kissed her girlfriend then the take off their clothes and sixty nine the they are spent.

What next for our lesbian lovers you diside.

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